in which Bethy finds 28 things

So, a bit late in actually blogging this but I’ve done one of those “28 things before I’m 29” lists. Here it is:

1. Get to target [which I have] and keep the weight off;
2. Sell more owls and paintings;
3. Have my own stall at a fayre to sell owls and things;
4. Learn Welsh;
5. Pass my driving test;
6. Write more letters;
7. Buy a decent pair of shoes;
8. Save some money;
9. Exercise more (learn to run);
10. Blog more and tweet less!;
11. Print photos and frame them;
12. Get my hair cut more regularly;
13. Learn to crochet (and knit properly);
15. Go on holiday;
16. Own an awesome vinyl collection;
17. Keep plants alive;
18. Learn to use my DSLR manually;
19. Read 12 new books;
20. Bake a new cookie;
21. Discover new music;
23. Picnics in the park;
24. Make something I can actually wear;
25. Have a tea party;
26. Do something spontaneous;
27. Join the W.I.
28. Stay happy!

Oh, and I scrapbooked it. Yes, it’s been a while.


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