in which Bethy went somewhere

Yes. I went somewhere. Ok, it was only Bristol but the point is that I went somewhere well out of my usual 3 mile radius.

It was nice, Sinead drove us westward in the sun and we walked up to Broadmead where there were so many nice shops. We were heading for Clifton but didn’t actually get there, mostly due to us not knowing where anything was. Fail.

Sinead on Christmas Steps
Me on Christmas Steps, channeling my inner KaelahBee

We discovered, quite by accident, a street called Christmas Steps which is now one of my favourite places ever. It’s basically steps with shops on. Our favourite shop was called Shop and I want to live there. I want my house to look like Shop and be filled with Shop things.

help yourself to coffee and cake, unless all the cakes are gone

We didn’t have a cup in Shop, but we did write in their guestbook. Hello Shop if you’re reading!

So we continued wandering and found ourselves on Park Street which has many lovely shops and a Banksy!

Banksy on Park Street

Apparently it got paintballed by Bristol Rovers supporters because Banksy said he supported Bristol City. Further proof that Art and football do not go together.

We made our way down to the harbour which is quite possibly the windiest place I have ever been to – my hair was like rats’ tails by the time we got home! Lovely place though, lots of boats and cute houses and a steam train. We all know how I love trains.

and we saw Rosie and Jim!

Seems we missed Clifton by quite literally 3 streets. Never mind, we’ll just have to go again.

I have no idea why I’ve never really been to Bristol. I’ve been to Bath a hundred times but never seem to have gone to anywhere in Bristol other than the zoo.  I need to rectify this.  Bristol is such a lovely city and a quick Google finds so much to see and do.  Maybe as part of my 28 things list I’ll spontaneously arrive in Bristol one day. I might seriously start researching potential employers there, it’s something that The Boy and I have discussed before.

You never know.


One thought on “in which Bethy went somewhere

  1. You both hit gold at Christmas Steps and the Harbour. Clifton? Pah!! You can follow Shop! and CSArtsQuarter (Christmas Steps) on Twitter… Hope you guys move here… it’s such a great city with plenty to find as your own.

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