in which Bethy misses stuff

Yeah it’s a list post. Bite me.

I’m missing some stuff (note – I’ve not mislaid things, I just miss not having them in my life right now)

I miss this lot:

Kath, Al, Chris, Ween, me and Lou

Even though I have some wonderful friends (the lady Ney and Miss Cherry B) still here in The ‘Diff, I miss my old friends. We’ve been together since we were 4 years old when we started infants school (or even earlier with Ween and I – we were in nursery together when we were 3!). I can’t imagine life without these guys.

Remarkably/embarrassingly, I am currently missing sausage rolls from Greggs.

"Eat us!" (pic from

My boss hates Greggs savouries, I do agree that they are a massive symbol of the proles and the folk that frequent the stores are quite often less than desirable. I not so secretly like the savouries. I haven’t eaten one for about 10 months. I don’t really want one but sometimes I really REALLY need one! They are evil though – 320 calories, 20g fat and 2g salt. Not a good choice… but I need one, and sometimes I miss them. Like now.

I miss my Noo:

love you Noo xx

I miss her every day, even though I haven’t lived at home for 8 years. It’s weird going home now with no Noo and only the dogs there. I also miss Ben. I know he’s still there, but he can’t do anything – he’s blind, deaf and scabby because of his diabetes. He wags his tail once he knows you’re there but he can’t go for a walk now even if he does get excited when you put his lead on – 3 steps later he’s tired and wants to go back to bed. Meggy is still Meggy and will always be Meggy.

I miss my boobies. Don’t get me wrong, I know they’re still there and still bigger than average but they’re not my big boobies now. While I do love my new slimmer figure I need to get used to the fact that behind the boobies is the rest of me and actually I am quite interesting.

*no, I don’t have a photo of my boobies*

I miss these two:

Vivi & Dan, the most beautiful couple in the world (aside from Ant and I)

I miss staying up late at night and chatting to my twin on MSN. Do people still use MSN? I miss the Jeevas boards, and working to Crispian-Time and pwning all in my boots. I miss our random letters.

I want to go back to Germany, I want to take The Boy and show him German stuff and cringe when he is inappropriate but smile because that’s why I love him.

I miss the Playstation Network. The one time I actually give a crap about playing online and the sodding thing’s been broken for ages. Epic fail. I want to connect Portal 2 to Steam dammit!

PSN is a lie, like the cake.

I miss having an attention span longer than a squirrel. There it goes.

I miss being able to wear Dr Martens boots. I lived and died in them for years and years, then they did something to the design and they just didn’t fit me properly anymore and I couldn’t break them in. I never used to have to break them in, my feet loved them. Bring back proper Docs dammit! My feet demand better.

I miss eggs. Once a staple of my diet, eggs have recently started to make me feel very ill once consumed. I didn’t have any eggs through April but today we had duck eggs – I thought maybe it would make a difference from chicken eggs – and my stomach hates me. I love eggs. This makes me very very sad.

What do you miss?


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