in which Bethy is angered by the size of biscuits

Well, I’m glad that week’s done with. While I’m not going to bore you with work I will say that when it comes to staffing, less is definitely not more. Also man cannot work by printer alone but by email as well. Not the case on Wednesday as we had neither and basically lost a whole day’s work. Fail. Finally, I very much dislike having to jump over hurdles because other people in other firms tell bare-faced lies and are incompetent.

The epic Friday fail did not end there. I went home to attempt the removal of bones from the trout. One of the trout had gone bad and got binned off. Then Monty was sick. Then Pickle was violently sick. All over the place. Then I found a lovely spiral of cat skidmark all over the bathroom floor. Nice. By this time I cared not for the remaining non-bad trout and stuck it in the freezer. This then caused the “if we’re not having fish then what do we have for tea” problem. My head was telling me to cook the veg and go get some chicken to have with them. My heart told me to put the kettle on and have a biscuit. Then the heavens opened and so chicken was immediately removed from the menu. Our tea ended up being toast. Which is ok, I love toast, but I really should have eaten a proper meal. I’m not eating my veg, and I should be. I have such good intentions, I even bought a whole broccoli! I have never in my life cooked broccoli. There’s also a butternut squash in the kitchen. They’re rather too phallic for my liking.

As a separate moan – biscuits are smaller these days. They actually are! We have McVities Rich Tea biscuits and they are well tiny! I asked The Boy if I was making it up and he agreed that the biscuits are smaller. Yet they are more expensive now. What is this world coming to, when biscuits are smaller yet costly? Wrong. No wonder society’s gone down the pan. This is Britain, where we drink tea and eat biscuits. As my mum says “a drink’s too wet without one”. She’s right. Biscuits are my nemesis though. They’re too easy. I love them. Especially custard creams. You don’t need a cup of tea for them.

Tomorrow I’m going to Waterloo Tea House with Sinead. She wants some white tea. I am hoping that their biscuits will be exceptional.

I need to stop eating biscuits. They’ll push me out of target. Little baked bastards.


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