in which Bethy feels rather lost

It’s Sunday night. Unless you don’t go to work on a Monday morning a Sunday night is never a good thing. I’m not going to talk about work because writing it down makes it real and it’s already bad enough. I’ll just refer you to this post on Pinterest and you will understand.

Last night we went to see the Manic Street Preachers. We love them. As always the boys did not disappoint, though the support act The Joy Formidable (in our opinions) left much to be desired. As Ant quite correctly commented “they’ve got that stadium-sound but no actual substance). Cherry and Toby liked them but I found them a bit boring.

Bethy and Cherry
Leopard beastesses

We did feel rather conspicuous though. At Manics gigs in days of yore you couldn’t move for thick eyeliner, leopard-prints, glitter and feather boas. Cherry and I were sufficiently leopardy, but sadly most of the crowd were, well, old enough to be our parents. The Looking For My Leopard song would have been incredibly appropriate in this situation. Indeed our parents would have looked less out of place than we did. When did this happen? I know everyone loves them these days (thank you BBC rugby and your incessant use of You Stole The Sun From My Heart) and that’s great, because they are great, but it’s another example of me not knowing my place in the world anymore.

While I’m not talking about work in this post, I have continued to seek alternative employment. There is absolutely nothing I can find advertised that I think I might enjoy. Well, nothing that I should bother applying for. Again with the fucking degree thing. Right now I’d be happy to stuff envelopes and make the tea just as long as I was surrounded by interesting and creative people. I have no interest in law, I don’t want a career in law. I just happen to work in a solicitors’ office. I work damn hard, and I’m good, but it seems that counts for nothing.

Times like these when you wish you had a portal gun. Or the ability to clone dinosaurs from dead bugs encased in amber. I wouldn’t mind both of these.

In far happier news – I finally bought a cheese plant! His name is Charlie and I hope he gets really really big!


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