in which Bethy dreams

I nearly always dream, but I don’t often remember the dreams. Last night I had a big dream, and I remember pretty much all of it.

It started off with me hanging out with Matt from Dinosaur Pile-Up. He’d just finished touring and was knackered so he kept falling asleep on my lap. We were sat on a big old stripey sofa, like the ones you see in “dens” on US teen shows. I think Alex Mack had one. Remember Alex Mack? I digress. Anyway somehow we ended up in Marks & Spencer where Jon Hamm had done an ad campaign, some pics as himself and some as Don Draper. So far so good and I’m enjoying this dream. Anyway at some point Matt Bigland disappeared and it turned out that I was in M& S with Jon Hamm himself. Nice. So we go into town and where Sainsburys is on the end of Queen Street was actually another new shopping centre. It was all light and marbley and as we were going up an escalator I said to Jon Hamm “you’re wearing the outfit from one of the photos”. He had a hat, it was nice. By the time we reached the top of the escalator Jon Hamm had turned into Ant, again a nice thing. At the top were some camera robots. These things were cool – they were like glass bubbles, about the size of a beach ball. One was on the ceiling and it had a laser for shooting shoplifters and the others were in a ring on the floor. They had legs like a crab that they could extend or retract and roll around. Suddenly everything went quiet and people started screaming and shouting. The light became very orange, like a sunset sort of glow. I looked out of a window and in the sky was a huge fireball heading towards us.  It sounded like the Martian Tripods from War of the Worlds – like a foghorn, not UUUUULLLAAAAAH. I sat on the floor holding onto Ant and waited for the fireball.

Then I woke up.

It was only a few seconds after waking up that I realised what had happened – if I hadn’t woken up I would have died – and then I got scared and panicky. I’ve no idea what time this was, maybe 3.30-4am, but Ant was not in cwtch mode which distressed me further. Eventually after much wriggling and manuvering of Pickle (who had slept right in the middle of the bed all night) he finally cwtched in and I went back to sleep.

It was the most vivid dream I’ve had for ages, and I was genuinely frightened when I woke up. I haven’t felt like that during the night for many months, and certainly can’t remember the last time I felt so afraid  while not on a cocktail of ADs and APs.

The question of course is whether or not I’d rather have taken my chances with the end of the world or gone to work today.  It is possible that the fireball would have been more enjoyable.

Talking of the fucked-up world of the mind – I finally watched the LSD episode of Fringe. Amaze.


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