in which Bethy does many different things

This week:


WTF? Yes, me, running. I didn’t hate it, even though the first time nearly made me cry half way round. I hated it like I hate brocolli. I still eat brocolli, even though it’s evil. I hated the second time too. That one I ran up a hill. I hated that like I hate Coldplay. Then I went running with Sinead. I didn’t hate that one, in fact it was quite nice. Also a goose ran with us in Roath Park!

I made a flourless cake.

It was disgusting. It bounced. Despite that my Slimming group liked it! Weirdos. Apologies to those who are gluten intolerant but cake without flour is just not cake and I am intolerant of it. Vile. I actually hated that. Worse than brocolli.

Incidentally, I prefer frozen brocolli to fresh brocolli. It doesn’t smell as much.

I had an interview.

It was with the same ad agency as before. The same job in fact. I’m not sure how it went. Part of me isn’t even sure I want it now.

I won something!

I was awarded the Top Target Member 2011 at my slimming group and I won a posh pen! *proud*

I took the disgusting cake to group where it was cut into bite-sized pieces… and everyone loved it! It would seem that people intent on losing weight who have been off cake and chocolate for some time will take anything as replacement. I will not be making it again, cake needs flour.


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