in which Bethy puts aside things that upset her and finds a happy place

This week has been one of the worst (work-wise) for ages. I don’t want to go over it all again because it’ll make me angry, and it’s interrupting my sleep as it is.

Instead I am focusing on happy things and throwing myself into making stuff. Yay!

Firstly I saw cats who made me happy. They’re on my cat blog.

On Twitter we are currently obsessed with Let Loose, to the point that some of us very nearly went to Bath to see them this afternoon. I totally would have (it would have been a spontaneous thing to knock off my 28 things list) if I had any cash at all. Stupid payday being a week away.

Remember them? They were from the 90s and had a number 2 hit with Crazy For You. It would have been Number 1 but Wet Wet Wet were hogging the charts for about a hundred years. Anyway, this is one of the songs that makes me very happy when I hear it. I remember Richie Wermerling being on Shooting Stars and Vic Reeves being most amused by his surname, as Vic Reeves would be I suppose.

I’ve been listening to Absolute Radio 90s all day, mostly just in case they play Let Loose. There are several songs that just make me so happy when I hear them. Yes, some are very guilty pleasures but yeah whatever – I’ve just declared my love for a quasi-boyband from the 90s!

Kiss – God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll To You II – always raises a smile. Kiss Army yeah!! 😛

Haddaway – What Is Love

Manic Street Preachers – Motorcycle Emptiness – this is particularly special when listening to it on the bridge crossing the Taff by the Millennium Stadium.

Since playing with Spotify for the music links (I haven’t paid WordPress for the ability to upload songs) I have discovered many covers by the Vitamin String Quartet. I suggest you have a listen. I particularly like their version of TUpac’s California Love.


I’ve finally got crochet figured out and those badboy granny squares are HAPPENING!

There’s a couple more there now and I’m going to need more wool. I will make a blanket, I bloody will!

See the magazines hiding under the squares? That there is Mollie Makes, possibly the greatest publication I have ever known. It’s like they went into my head and into the blogs I susbscribe to and put it all in a magazine. So happy! Each issue comes with a little kit. So far I’ve made a little flower ring –

Very much looking forward to making more pretties, hopefully enough pretties to have a stall at one of the Milgi Markets. I will have some sort of shop, I will!



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