In which Bethy neglects her blog despite going to London… again!

I know, I know…

We went to London. Again. It was awesome and warm. More importantly we saw DINOSAURS!!

Actual dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum! What an awesome place.

The building is beautiful, and it would have been better if not for all the tourists. We weren’t tourists. No.

Hot-ass tourist.

There were also Narwhals. They were not swimming in the ocean (causing a commotion, ’cause they are so awesome) but suspended in the sky. So many songs I had to suppress in the animal exhibits. So many internet songs.

We wandered along to Hyde Park for a cup of tea in the sun and we met squirrels.

We headed back along the river to Tate Britain where we saw some knitted graffitti and old ladies crocheting flowers. Which was nice.


By this time we’d been walking around all afternoon and were wanting food so headed for our weekend home at Lou’s. Some pics from along the way…

On Saturday we spent most of the afternoon at Portobello Market. A very busy place that wasn’t as bohemian or markety as I would have liked. We did all have a nice cream tea in a strange little basement cafe though. Not as good as the one we had in Devon, of course, but very nice just the same.

Some other market loveliness :

They we playing Baby One More Time. Amazeballs.

Ant was not happy about the Moomins. He hates Moomins.

In the evening we went for pizza and met up with Chris and Aleksandra which was lovely and then on the walk home to Lou’s we met a fox!


I’ve never seen a real (alive) fox so close before. It was a beautiful animal, just chilling on the grass. I watched it for ages, then a crazy lady asked me if I’d stroked it before deciding that she’d walk on the other side of the road “just in case”.


I love London. Once again I came home feeling deflated. I wish Cardiff was more interesting. I’d like to think that it is but I’ve just not figured it out yet, but then why has everyone up and left and are now having brilliant interesting lives elsewhere?


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