in which Bethy spends the day being thoughtful

Not in the way you think, this is selfish thoughtful but nonetheless I have spent much of the day quietly thinking (while listening to my newly acquired Now… vinyls, but that’s another story).


This week I have an interview for a job I very very much would like to have, and have been waiting for this opportunity to present itself for the best part of 6 years.  Had I stayed in my old job rather than leave to go to my current job I might have already found myself at the job I would very very much like to have, but I hated that place so much I wasn’t prepared to wait over 2 years for the place I would very very much like to work for to open, and in that time my old place shut down anyway. So yes, I am trying to return to retail. This task is a lot harder than expected due to the lack of decent positions available, the fact that I’ve been out of the business for 5 1/2 years and my growing impatience with my current job.

So in considering the possible outcomes from this interview I found my mind wandering into the future and the possibility of moving away and being able to study while doing this job. Not putting all my chickens in the fryer but the prospect of finally being able to do something that I love AND GET PAID FOR THE PLEASURE OF IT excites me greatly.


*everything crossed*


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