in which Bethy talks and talks and talks…

I’m fed up.

I’m beginning this post while on my Blackberry (piece of crap. I hate my Blackberry) in Starbucks on the free wifis (yay!). I have no idea how far the stream-of-consciousness phone blog will go but let’s see.

I found out on Tuesday that I did not get a job in John Lewis. This actually broke my heart. I hate where I work and what I do so much right now. It’s not the people I work with, even the boring weirdo leprechaun, I just have no interest in it at all anymore. It’s not even about money now, I just want out. Don’t care where I go, I just need to go. (So please employ me, dear readers, I am a lovely person and I make a cracking cup of tea.) Despite upsetting me, I actually did manage to find joy in John Lewis yesterday…

it actually is JOY!

Yes, I’ve started buying things for Christmas. It’s only 9 weeks away! I have more star lights and also a ceramic deer that looks like origami. Nice. In the John Lewis Christmas catalogue they have an actual Sylvanian Families John Lewis store. How amazing is that? Seriously! Look!

actual Sylvanian John Lewis!I never had Sylvanians when I was little. They were (and still are) very very expensive.  The little girl down the road had a Sylvanian house with a bathroom and the toilet made flushing noises! How cool is that?!

According to Foursquare I have been to the deli 12 days straight. I think it’s actually more, I’ve just not been using Foursquare. If I go tomorrow I will be the mayor. That means nothing.

It is now tomorrow (22/10) and I am now blogging from my phone at Deli-Rouge where I am now the mayor, apparently. I have a soup. It is Cherry Tomato & Roast Courgette. There is a lion on the bowl!

Soup soup a-tasty soup soup...lion bowlIt is a nice soup. I have put too much salt in it now, a thing too easily done that I do all too often! Bah!
There is a girl here wearing an amazing blue jumper with reindeer on. I’ve just accosted her about it, apparently it’s from TopShop and is now in the sale. Guess I’m going to the TopShop website when I get home.

(Some time later)

My soup is now gone and I am in need of more tea. I’m crocheting a granny scarf. It is turquoise. Everytime I go to ask for more tea, more people come in. Much annoyance! Seems the students around Roath today are the traditional smelly looking ones with clothes made of hemp as opposed to the ones who are students because they get discount in TopShop. They were all swarming in TopShop when I walked past it last night. There’s just too much cream and pastels in there for my liking, when I liked TopShop they had really funky stuff. Now it’s a bit lame, except for that reindeer jumper. I want that. The other thing I don’t like is top-knots. Since when were they ever good? Brush your damn hair lazy girls!
I have ordered more tea. I did the nice thing and took my plate back, semi-queue jumping in the process. A bit naughty but meh! My tea is here! Score. That soup was really, really nice. I am sat next to an army of tiny mustards!

Mustard Army!While not a fan (at all) of mustard I am finding them to be very cute and compiling a list of people that I can gift tiny mustards to at Christmas. Mustard with Mexican-style spices sounds like something that would kill me. There is a Teapigs tea with chilli in it. The very thought terrifies me! Tea, wonderful healing tea, with hot spicy death in it! I wish I wasn’t such a fanny about hot/spicy stuff but I can’t get any joy from eating something that makes my tongue want to explode.

I’m wondering if I should learn French. I like to randomly put French into conversation (ou est la bibilotheque et le Centre Pompidou?) so maybe I should stop abusing it and learn properly. I am supposed to be learning Welsh online but it’s not happening. I am literally too wrapped up in woolly things to sit and read. Le crochet.

I’m out of tea again. Wondering if I should get more or go. Hmmm…
… I got more tea. Last one now. There can be such a thing (rarely mind) as too much tea. It has an annoying effect called too much wee. Yeah I went there.

There are balsamic pickled onions here. I think I want them. I will take some home to eat with cheese. Mmm cheese. I do like cheese. Recently I have discovered a cheese called Y Fenni and it has mustard seeds in BUT I love it (it doesn’t kill me) and is lovely on toast.

I bought some of the balsamic picked onions.I am now at home on my computer. I now hate my computer because it has taken to crashing, losing the wifis and has done this which made me shout obscenities at it:

BSOD!ARGH! BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH! At least when this happened it actually told me and didn’t just freeze and wait to be reset. I think BigMalcolm is on his way out. He is 6 years old and I can’t find any viruses or bugs. He must be a grumpy old git because he hates Facebook – that kills him more than any other thing!


I have to make tea now. Tea is sausage casserole. Mmm sausage casserole. This is the casserole from last week:

sausage casseroleThis week there will be more mushrooms, because we love mushrooms, and more veggies because winter is veggie time!


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