in which Bethy does not fail

I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! Yay! Only 11 years after most of my friends passed their tests but never mind! I am so so pleased. Now I need a car. Hmmm… maybe I can get a job where they give me a car. Yes that’ll do it. A job with a car.

I had my hair done again on Friday and annoyingly I only have one crappy photo of it. Excuse my smudgy bathroom mirror.

It was amazing! I can wholeheartedly recommend that everyone should get Lee at Morgans on Albany Road to cut their hair. He makes my hair so happy! Happy and big. Always big hair when I leave, which is a nice change seeing as my hair is flaaaaaaat. He also coloured it for me so now I have lovely bright red highlights in my lovely red hair. Ant thought I had a hairband on when I got home but then saw it was actually my hair colour! I need to work on being more of a girl and actually doing my hair properly. I’ve only just discovered dry shampoo, though by the time I use it my hair is long past any help it might offer. I might ask Father Christmas for a thing I saw an advert for the other day – a Babyliss Big Hair. It’s basically a hot-brush (remember them? From the 80s? My mum had a red one.) that makes you have big hair. I’m down with this.

I am going to try to actually complete NaBloPoMo in November. This will probably take place here and over on my Cat Blog. Possibly cheating? The point is that I will make a converted effort to blog every day. Please don’t expect anything wonderful – unless something wonderful happens to happen (happens to happen? *shrugs*) then it’ll probably just be me bitching about how much I hate my job and pictures of cats. I don’t hate pictures of cats though, I could look at them all day. You could pay me to look at cats all day. That’d be the best job ever.


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