in which Bethy gets a new router and it still doesn’t work

Yes, we are having technical issues at the Home of the Orange Ones. First I had to restore BigMalcolm (my PC), then he lost his internal wireless card so I had to get a new one which is a dongle thing. Then Ant spent about 8 hours trying to get the dongle to work, which ended up murdering our wireless network. No, I don’t know how either. After much swearing we connected up our old G router which works just fine. I called Virgin who tested the line and figured that the router had conked out and a new one arrived today. Guess what – this one doesn’t work either. You get so far with the installation and then it loses it’s connection with the cable modem. Yes, the cable modem that’s connected to it WITH A WIRE! It does it on Ant’s Mac and my PC so it’s not us, and so we’re back on the old slower router. Unacceptable much? Yes it is, especially as I’m paying for a faster line. Grrr. It’s also too late to ring them now so it’ll have to wait ’til I get in tomorrow. Oh, did I mention that the new router materialised at some point between 5.30pm and 9.30pm but no one left a card or rang the bell – it was waiting outside when Ant got in from his class, so thank you combined efforts of Yodel and my neighbours, thank you for keeping my router overnight without telling me, thank you in the arse.

Work today was pretty sucky – one of my friends was made redundant which is about the suckiest work news you can get at 10am. Go work with your mad motivational skills. Go. I continue to search for a better life.

In happier news, Dinosaur Pile Up will be back in Cardiff on November 28th. Yay! You may recall them from this post back in May. We love this band. You should love them too. Go listen to them, they rock!

I am trying to finish embroidering on a tote bag but have been unable to do so due to the sudden presence of a Pickle on my lap. Oh well.


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