in which Bethy sews, sews like the wind

We’re watching Nirvana Live at the Paramount from 1991. I was 8 then. I don’t think I even knew who Nirvana were when I was 8. It’s just something that 8 year olds in Cardiff didn’t know. Don’t judge me, there were no “mini-moshers” in 1991.

Returning to my 28 year old self, I finished the embroidery on the bag. Again, excuse the awful picture. I hate my Blackberry.

Embroidering, eating cake and watching grunge on TV. Rock and roll. Also, since when did Mr Kipling Chocolate Slices become so tiny and lame? They used to be my favourite when I was 8. That’s what 8 year olds liked in 1991, chocolate slices. Back then they had chocolate icing on and big chocolate chips in and were twice the size.

Look at my pretty threads! They’re far prettier in real life.

I am so glad it’s Friday.


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