in which Bethy finds some stuff

Firstly I have found how much I absolutely hate my job. It’s on a par with, if not greater than, my hatred for Axl Rose, X Factor and footballers combined.

Second I have found that I actually very much like Chrome as a browser. It has apps. One of them is Angry Birds. This is a happy thing.

Thirdly I do not like that Lou Reed and Metallica album thing. It is quite awful. You sing or you speak, and you make it go with the music (unless it’s Pierrot Lunaire, then you just sit in the corner rocking until it’s over).

I want a Milkybar. Yes I know Nestle are evil, but when faced with a corner shop and a need for white chocolate it is generally the only option because, let’s face it, cheap white “chocolate” might as well be one of those white dog poos from teh 80s.


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