in which Bethy builds a better burger

Well,  actually I lied, I haven’t really but remember the game Build A Better Burger? The one from the 80s where you had to build a burger? There’s one in the cancer research shop on Albany Road. Look!
Just how much awesome eh? Further along in another shop (RSPCA?) they have a proper 70s Etch-a-Sketch with happy looking kids on the box. Oh yeah – it’s in the box!! I had an Etch-a-Sketch and have no recollection at all of there being a box. I also remember hating the stupid thing for not doing as I wanted it to. When it comes to “toy day” games (remember toy day? Usually the last day before Christmas and Summer Holiday and you got to bring toys to school! Screwball Scramble for the win.)

That Lou Reed / Metallica hybrid is on Jools Holland. The Metallica part is very good. The Lou Reed part not so much, and I like Lou Reed. It’s an interesting concept, but it makes my ears bleed. I must say that James Hetfield is looking very well though. I like his funky hairstyle that an old(er) guy shouldn’t have but he’s a rocker so it’s ok!  \m/

My cats are boring tonight. They’ve been asleep pretty much all evening, apart from a little scuffle during Loutallica (they didn’t like it either). Pickle looks thoroughly bored. She should cheer up – there’s a programme about Simon & Garfunkel on. She likes Simon & Garfunkel. I like Simon & Garfunkel, they are a guilty pleasure though I’m not entirely certain why it should be a guilty one.

Angry Birds is vexing me. Maybe if I listen to Simon & Garfunkel it”ll calm my mind and improve my game. Perhaps I should also listen to Simon & Garfunkel in work. Wednesday is usually Gold day in my office so hopefully I’ll survive tomorrow.


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