in which Bethy is bitterly disappointed

I went to meet Vic (and The Boy, and not-festive Alan) in town after work because there were apparently all sorts of fun festive things happening, specifically a polar bear called Bjorn (and his inuit friend) and some tap dancing turkeys. We found neither of these, but did see a nun playing a motorised piano (not especially festive), some giant “angels” on stilts and wheels (terrifying) and real reindeer. The reindeer were worth it because they were gorgeous. Excuse the crapberry photo again, I have no idea where my point-and-click is and wasn’t going to pay £15 for one battery for my DSLR when they’re £2 in Home Bargains, but they were sold out.

Lovely reindeer. There were big ones and little ones.  Beasts always make  me happy, and it’s just as well they were there because as usual Cardiff’s Christmas lights are rubbish. Blue and white AGAIN.  When we were kids they were multicoloured and probably tasteless but that’s the fun right there! They’re not even interesting, just the usual big stars and some dangly ones on buildings. Yawn! I remember my Dad driving up St Mary Street (remember when you could do that? Yeah.) so that we could see the lights and then would pull up on The Hayes where we’d pick Mum up (who had been doing the shopping, probably at Argos which only had a little catalogue then) and you could see all the lights and the neon sign for Great British Burger which was on the and of St David’s Centre where Barclays is now. It’s meant to be festive and heartwarming but it’s just cold and a bit too grown-up really.

On the way out of town The Boy bought me my second Toffee Nut Latte of the season. Sadly, it appeared that even a Red Cup was unable to lift my mood, that or there simply wasn’t enough syrup or sprinkles in it. I did bump into my wonderful hairdresser Lee though, and he suggested that maybe we do our own tap dancing turkeys on Albany Road,  but we figured there’s so many weirdos down there that no one would appreciate it. I heart him so much!

The Build A Better Burger is still in the charity shop window. I am somewhat amazed by this fact.

I listened to A Very She & Him Christmas properly when I got home. If you like Christmas and/or Zooey Deschanel then I very much suggest that you acquire it. There is more festive wonder in 10 seconds of that album than Cardiff has in the entire town centre. Shame on you Cardiff, epic fail!

I had another rejection letter. It was written by someone with the same name and surname as me. I wonder if she saw me as a threat. I am the superior Bethy!

Now I want to watch Elf. It must be Elf time soon, surely.


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