in which Bethy plays Charity Shop Bingo and other games

Why is it that when I have no money at all the charity shops are full of stuff I want and when I actually go to them to buy something I need like a big vintage pyrex casserole dish with lid they have none? Why? Yet you can still play Charity Shop Bingo with the CDs. There’s always a David Gray, always a Dido… I did get a nice multi coloured stripy jumper. Very 90s, very Bethy, very happy.

I also bought some tomatoes that I have forgotten to eat. Clever me.

I finished Angry Birds on Chrome, and found all the Chrome levels. I am not so obsessed as to attempt to finish all the levels with 3 stars, that would do my head in. Guess I’ll have to go back to killing Ant’s iPhone with Tiny Tower instead. I love the Bitizens!

I scratched my hand with a needle. It’s on the chubby bit of my palm (below the thumb, you know the bit. I think the end product was worth the injury though –

The colours are actually oranges and golds, again with the phone photos (though this is iPhone so no excuse really). I have no idea what I’ve done with my little camera. It’s here somewhere.

The Coca-Cola “Holidays are coming” advert has just been on, so I’m told by EVERYONE on the internet and by text. I haven’t seen it for 2 reasons – it’s on ITV and I avoid ITV because it’s rubbish, and it was on during X-Factor and as that’s on ITV it is therefore rubbish. I have however seen this year’s John Lewis advert. It did not make me cry, even though I am much like the little boy and love to give presents. I guess I’m worried that Charlie Brooker is right and there is a dog’s head in the box.


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