in which Bethy remembers how much she loves The Beatles

Specifically, I am remembering just how much I love George Harrison. Not sure what I think of this Scorsese “film”. It’s a lot more interesting now that it’s post-Beatles, probably because I’ve seen all the Beatles footage at least 20 times before. I have all of George’s albums on vinyl. I think. Pretty sure I do. Yeah I do. I have 2 versions of Dark Horse, one with the hand on the cover, and one with a photo. Pretty much every record is brilliant, except maybe Gone Troppo. One of my absolute favourites is Cloud 9 from 1987. I know it’s kind of impossible to describe a Beatle as underrated, but George was a musical genius. On the 29th it will be the 10th anniversary of his death. I remember that day clearly. I was in work, I think it was a Tuesday, and my old boss came rushing in to the office (she was a huge Beatles fan too, probably why I got that job) and told me. I cried for an hour, luckily it was lunchtime. I bought every single newspaper the next morning. The woman in the petrol station thought I was potty. To be fair, a pile of newspapers is bloody heavy!

For personal reasons it has been many years since I have chosen to listen to The Beatles or their respective solo efforts, save for Happy Xmas (War Is Over)  or Wonderful Christmastime. Or the Frog Song.  Back in February they played a couple of George tracks on teh radio for his birthday. I was fine until they played What Is Life (Shaun Mullins did an excellent cover of this song for the Big Daddy soundtrack) when I suddenly found myself sat at my desk in work crying my eyes out. Quite unprovoked. How dare such a happy and upbeat song make me cry! Well, watching this film seems to be easing me back into it. Maybe it’s time to give Cloud 9 a spin again.


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