in which Bethy is cold

It was a bit nippy today, and dull, and wet, and miserable. I need a new winter coat. Mine are all 3 sizes too big, and I’m just never going to wear enough jumpers to fill them! Which reminds me – I need more jumpers. Christmas jumpers with snowflakes and reindeer on. I went for a coffee with my lovely hairdresser and friend Lee at lunchtime. We discussed electric blankets. This week I have heard no less than 3 different people under 45 talk about electric blankets. We truly are turning into a generation of old people. Fantastic. I am going to be an ace old lady by the time I hit 30! Which reminds me – I need to crochet more and finish another stocking.

There is a mouse. I found it’s poos in the office kitchen. I hope we can catch him, I don’t want them to get Rentokil out to kill him. I want to let him go in the park, so he can eat worms and acorns. I hope mice like worms and acorns, I totally would if I was a mouse.


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