in which Bethy nests

I am not a tidy person. I am not a minimalist person. I like organised chaos. However I decided that tonight my house is just plain messy and it was about time it had a proper tidy-up. So I tidied up. A bit. I found my camera though so that made it worthwhile. I think it’s time to sort the house ready for Christmas, which does not mean decorate even though I did hang star lights on the bannister. I have star lights on one wall all year round though so it’s ok. They’re homely as opposed to festive. #excuses

I haven’t posted a decent picture of my blanket yet so here she is in all (well, half) her glory. She is twice this size –

Yup, I’m proud. She’s so lovely and cwtchy. Quite heavy and good for falling asleep on the sofa under.

I also finally put my nan’s mirror up. I brought it home months ago and at last it is hanging at the top of the stairs –

It’s a lovely convex mirror. I think it was my great-grandmother’s first as Mum says it was “from Nanny’s house” meaning her nan. Nanny Browning I suppose. Her name was Edith. You don’t get people called Edith now. Apart from Edith Bowman.

Monty observed my every move this evening. He wore his little blue scarf the whole time.


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