in which Bethy and Ney have a day at the Bay!

I spent the day with my lovely girl Sinead.  We found a manky old railway bridge –

We found a fairy circle of ‘shrooms –

We found spiky chestnuts on a tree that looked like Soot Sprites –

We met owls! I held this one. His name is Simba and he was BEAUTIFUL! His feet were so soft and fuzzy and had that “one look” thing going on, like Monty does.

We went to the Cardiff Bay Christmas Market. I must say though – it wasn’t especially Christmassy. I’d expect a Christmas Market to sell hot chestnuts, mulled wine, traditional wooden toys (I will find a lovely Nutcracker soldier if it kills me!) but it was pretty much the same stalls as there always are at any event in the bay. I bought the most amazing sticky toffee pudding from The Little Welsh Deli and some mega-tasty duck sausages  from Natural Game. They were advertising all the random meats that they sold, one of which was squirrel. Sinead then proceeded to find the squirrel meat. Apparently it tastes like rabbit. It looked like a foetus –

There was a man selling cheese. He was loud, and a bit terrifying like the ChildCatcher! “Try some cheese girls!” and, when Sinead turned down the cheese due to a dairy intolerance, “this one can’t have cheese – we’ve got jam for girls like you!”. Terrifying, though the cheese was very very nice and he had a nice red onion chutney. I din’t buy any because he was scary. We bought some rolls from a hog roast and sat on the steps people-watching for a while. There were some sights – a little kid being walked around who was wearing a life jacket, the couple with the same hair in the same style, the gents from  La Creperie de Sophie and their fabulous Movember moustaches (we also had a Nutella crepe, because it is the law).

For some reason the organisers of the Christmas Market saw fit to turn off the chain lights that were running along the edges of the tents as it got dark. I was disappointed by this – it would have looked so pretty at night. They didn’t have them on along the edge of the bay near the Norwegian Church and Senedd either. Another Cardiff lighting fail, they need to get a new lighting adviser at the council, someone who actually turns the flipping things on!

We walked around the bay, down the darkest footpath ever (again with the lights!) and across the barrage to Penarth Marina. We got stuck on the barrage for a while as there were boats coming in and out.

Before getting the train back to town from Cogan we encountered the worst kind of danger – danger of death!

It didn’t take long to walk pretty much the circumference of the bay. Makes you think how tiny Cardiff actually is.


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