in which Bethy makes a list (and checks it twice)

If you know me then you will know that I can’t stand Mariah Carey. Sure, she has an amazing vocal range but is it really necessary to use all 7 octaves in one song? No. That said, one of my absolute favourite Christmas songs is All I Want For Christmas Is You. However, all I want for Christmas is not you (apart from you, I’ll have you) and I would like one or all of the lovely things I will share with you now:

a new camera (this one)

Having found my little camera again I want a new camera full stop. For whatever reason my point-and-click is a bit rubbish these days – the sky is always white, never blue. It used to be fine, even on the automatic settings, now everything is like a nuclear winter even on a low ISO. I can’t afford a new proper DSLR and my big old DSLR breaks my shoulder if I carry it around for too long (also – it takes about a million batteries of varying size!). So I figure a compact system camera might suit me nicely. The one in the photo is only £250. Yes please, I’ve been a good girl.



Some more books for me to look at the pictures but not actually make anything from. One day I will be dead from procrastination.

I really love Noel Gallagher’s solo effort. AKA…. What A Life!  is an absolutely brilliant track. Quite fancy the album.

I will also accept donations of Yankee Candles, wool and a Macbook or similar awesome laptop computer. Oh, and a car. I’d very much like a car.

Now if you’ll excuse me – Gremlins is on ITV, and the law (according to Pickle) states that one must always watch Gremlins when it is on telly.


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