in which Bethy learns things

This morning I discovered that Monty still does not like travelling by bus. I can’t say that I blame him. While on the bus we were befriended by a little girl who was most insistent that Monty was “a cutie”. She told us that they have a cat called Einstein (which is pretty cool), and that her dad had a new phone but it wasn’t as good as her mum’s phone. They both have new phones, her mum’s is white like her big sister’s phone. Her big sister has an iPhone with a pink case. Her big sister likes Justin Bieber but, and I quote, “I think Justin Bieber is gay”. I’m not lying, the whole bus heard and laughed. The little girl was 4 years old. I remember being 4, pretty sure I had no idea what gay was in 1987 though! Kids aren’t kids for long enough these days. Crazy times.

I also discovered that Monty does not like dogs, even little nice ones like Ben and Meg. Monty can also hiss like a proper cat, he has never done this before.

I’ve learnt that Pickle also likes boxes. Maru’s got nothing on my orange ones!

The brown paper that Amazon pack around whatever it is that you’ve ordered comes on a big roll of tear off sheets – like big brown toilet paper! For some reason I am of the opinion that this is one of the best things ever!

I have decided that I don’t like those newborn photos that are all over the internet. The Anne Geddes type ones with a sleeping baby on a cushion, or wearing some novelty outfit. Pinterest is full of reindeer babies (sadly not baby reindeer) and they seem to be causing ovaries to explode all over the world. Apart from mine. I just think they’re a bit creepy.

I have learnt that, according to Twitter, Carol Decker from T’Pau is going to kick Gary Barlow’s arse. That would be a “reality” show that I might watch, even though I do think that Mr Barlow has aged beautifully.

Other less-fascinating facts:

  • my bath takes far too long to fill, and I have to put a kettle of boiling water in while it’s filling to make sure it doesn’t go cold to quickly. However it is lovely to have hot water that works and therefore the ability to run any sort of bath at all.
  • cats are boring when they just sleep all day. Especially when they aren’t sleeping on or next to you.
  • my tummy rumbles even when I am not particularly hungry
  • I found cat hair in my belly button. This either proves that cat hair really does get everywhere, or I am slowly turning into a cat.
  • there were no biscuits in my parents’ house. This is a downside to my mother being on a diet. There were always biscuits before.
  • if all else fails, there is always cheese.

Monty is loads better today. He’s still a bit lethargic but is much brighter when he is awake. He’s gone off his medicine (and did a poo!) but has antibiotics to make sure there’s nothing lurking. I’m so very glad about this, it must be horrible to be a poorly beast and not be able to tell anyone what’s wrong.


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