in which Bethy bids November farewell

I so very nearly completed NaBloPoMo. I missed 3 days. Not bad, my best attempt so far. I didn’t really want to follow my serious post with one where I rant like a loon about work and lack of buses because of the strike. All I will say is that it is now apparently a bad thing to let people know in advance that the buses aren’t running – you know, so that they can make alternative travel arrangements instead of not knowing and standing at a bus stop in the cold for 2 hours before going in late or not at all. I will not be helpful anymore. Ner!

Look at my nails that Ney did!

These are my Minx on my fat old lady fingers. They are a little bit funky. My only issue is that they don’t really get on well with nails that aren’t very flat – mine are very curved and we have some creasing. Apparently that’s what they do (something that needs ironing out there, eh Minx?) but aside from that they’re very nice. Ney also does acrylics and gels and will come to your house so if you’re in Cardiff give me a shout and I’ll put you in touch.

I can’t believe that it’s December tomorrow. Where has 2011 gone?! The Noo died 11 months ago, I got to my target weight 7.5 months ago and Vic left 3 months ago. 3 MONTHS!!!  It really doesn’t seem like that long. Madness. Is this what happens as you get older? Time just passes you by without so much as a second thought? Not that time would do that, though it would explain deja vu.


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