in which Bethy does not have an advent calendar

Nope, no calendars here. Sad times. I do however have a new hat. It is a bobbly grey beret thing from White Stuff. Yes I paid over the odds for a hat I could have made myself [eventually] but it really is a very nice hat.

Usually hats look crap on me but I like this one. #hatwin  My search for a nice black skirt continues. I found some in Primark earlier, however they came in a size 8 and then a size 18 and 20. Really?? I lose weight because I can’t get clothes to fit and then all the shops have are big sizes. Someone’s out to get me. #skirtfail

I’ve sealed my Minx with clear varnish, they started to lift today and I was not pleased. I was also unable to use sellotape without hurting the Minx. Bad times.


The cats are happy. They have the best thing in the world – the long bit of brown paper from my Amazon parcel. They love it! It’s a cat fort, a cat blanket, a scratching post, a warzone, a bed, something to nom. Pickle seems to win the war of the paper more often than not.

I ought to put my bag ready seeing as I’m off to London this weekend. It’d better not rain, the BBC had better be correct in their forecast for once.


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