in which Bethy goes on a festive trip to London

Yeah yeah, the only place I ever go is London. Bite me, I love the place. How can you not love somewhere you can get a photo like this?

Yeah, I took that. The only editing being the crop. Pleased with that.

So I went to stay with lovely Louise who now has no goldfish because it died. That has nothing to do with anything, just a fact about Lou. There were 2 Christmas Markets on this weekend, so of course I went and got a bit excited about wooden huts and sausages…

First up – Southbank

I didn't buy a Nutcracker. This makes me sad.
I had one of the bratwurst. Amazing.

So pretty. Also, the Christmas lights crap all over the ones in Cardiff. Of course, because the ones in my living room are better than the ones our council tax bought in town.

Even Debenhams had awesome lights!

On Saturday we hit the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, which probably would have been more spectacular at night (again with the Christmas lights obsession). There was, however, an epic win in the form of a singing reindeer/moose head. Singing Little Drummer Boy. Yes.

There were rides, and a Mr Flibble hat…

this one was reeeeeeally high!

Next – Sunday in Islington…


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