in which Bethy continues talking about London

Wow… totally meant to post this over a week ago. Fail. Yes it’s backdated – bite me.


On Sunday (4th!) we put Lou’s Christmas tree up

She needs more lights and more stuff on her tree. I like a nice full tree.

We went up to Islington before I got the train home. It has a very long escalator on the tube. We had lunch at a place called Byron. I liked this place. It had most excellent cheeseburgers and small plastic cows on the rafters. I liked how they just didn’t decorate it at all.

The cow would totally win.

We wandered around Camden Passage for a while. Such cute little shops full of precious things!We went to Loop. I love this shop too much. It was all I could do NOT to spend a fortune on beautiful wool and beautiful woolly things!

it has a deer painted on the window!!!

I forget what this shop was called, but it sold lovely white and silver things. I was terrified to move in there because I had my backpack on and thought I’d break the precious things!

I miss London. I miss all the interesting things and the pretty shops and the overpriced food.


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