in which Bethy apologises for being a terrible blogger

yeah yeah I know it’s February. I apparently had nothing to say throughout the entire month of January. Indeed I can’t think of anything memorable.

Except for one thing.

I went to Jacobs Antiques for their vintage market thing with Sinead.  We found a giant mobile phone…

We found a7-Up pinball machine…

and we found Gail who was selling her pretty pretty things (and drinking tea. It was cold on that top floor!)

I bought this lovely birdie. He’s called Herman.

Please check out Gail’s shop. You’ll be supporting a local independent business, and supporting a friend in making a living doing something that she loves. One day I’ll be brave enough to pack in the rat-race and do this too. One day.

Also at the fair was a lovely excitable lady who goes by the name of Viva Misadventure. She managed to get Cherry and I to have a little go at burlesque dancing AND WE LOVED IT. I loved it so much in fact that I went for a taster class today, continued to love it and am going to take a six week course in order to create my new alter-ego – Miss NooNoo La Roux! Yes. I don’t believe it either. Pretty sure that work wont like it should they find out, but I don’t like them so there. As long I don’t start twirling tassels at my desk I see no issue. Let’s face it – millions of people saw me wearing only pants on Channel 4 a few years ago and no one said a word back then, nipples and all! Seriously though, I had a lot of fun at the class today. I especially liked that there were ladies of all ages there, I wont lie but I was a bit worried that there’d be a load of gorgeous skinny blonde 18 year olds but we were all real women! The women that you just walk past on a daily basis with no clue that they could have a wardrobe full of frilly knickers, long satin gloves and nipple tassels! Especially in the Garden Village. I dread to think what my Grandma would say… 🙂


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