in which Bethy has a baking fail, and then a baking redemption

Apologies to my Twitter-friends who already know about my cake escapades today. You should try live-tweeting baking. Great stuff.

You may know that I do very much enjoy cake, both making them and eating them. Today I decided to make some coffee cake. my Grandma used to make coffee cake (well, the icing was coffee flavoured even though the cake was just cake) and coffee cake reminds me of her. Also drop-scones but I didn’t make any of those today.

So I found a specific coffee cake recipe on the BBC site and set about making them. All was well until 15 minutes into baking when this happened:

What the cuss??

What the actual..??? Yes, they look like cheese. They grew and then imploded. I tried a bit of one and it didn’t even taste of coffee, let alone cake. Even Monty didn’t like them! So I tried again, with my normal cake recipe – 4oz butter/margarine, 4oz caster sugar, 2 eggs, 4oz self-raising flour (makes at least 12 cakes depending on their size) but used 1/2oz cocoa powder instead of some of the flour and dissolved some instant coffee in a tablespoon of hot water before adding to the mix, which looked like this:

Nom. I also didn’t over-fill the cases this time – I’d rather have cake left inside the case to ice!

Yes, those are Christmas cake cases. I don’t have any others at the moment. One day I’ll use my silicone ones.

Monty helped with washing up while the cakes were baking:

25 minutes later and the cakes were done. I can’t help but think that they look like chocolate Angel Delight (other instant puddings are available):

Notice how the bottom-right cake had decided to come away from the case. This meant that the cake didn’t make it to the icing stage due to me eating it. It was a very nice cake anyway, lovely mocha flavour and still warm!

The icing was a simple butter icing (4oz butter, 4oz icing sugar) with 1bsp coffee added. Well, techinically 1 tablespoon. More like 3. That was one caffeinated icing! Lovely though. I think next time I’ll chill the icing before putting it on the cakes as when I dusted them with cocoa they went a bit peculiar. Still very edible though.

I’m not allowed to eat these cakes though, I have 4lbs to lose.


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