in which Bethy returns

I was going to do that 11 things meme that seems to be on all the blogs at the moment but I keep finding questions that are really sucky so I can’t be arsed with that.

Spring would appear to have finally sprung. It was a beautiful day today. According to Sinead’s car it was 17°C at lunchtime. I can believe that. We went to a charity vintage fair at the lovely New House Hotel in Thornhill. I bought a lovely tea-set (at last! How long have I been after a nice tea-set?!)

We sat our on the grass for a bit, because we could. Apparently my hair is very very red in the sunlight… You could see right across the channel from our lovely elevated position. So impressed with the views we decided to head up Caerphilly mountain where you could see for miles! (Yes I am aware that the horizon is 3 miles away, but Caerphilly is down in a valley so it was actually miles)

There were loads of dogs up the mountain. We met a big English Bulldog who was simply not going to go in the direction his owner wanted him to, a lovely Westie called Daisy and a Rottweiler with a tail called Tommy who was going to be a huge dog judging by the size of his puppy paws! He was a gorgeous boy. I didn’t get any pics of the dogs though, I was too busy making friends with them.

It was a very nice day. I’m tired now. That’s what a lot of fresh air will do to you I guess.



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