in which Bethy reads about a lovely Orange One

Did I tell you about Bob?

I met Bob in July 2010 outside Liverpool Street Station. Bob is a very handsome, very friendly cat who lives in London with his friend James. At the time James and Bob were Big Issue vendors.

Last week James and Bob released their book A Street Cat Named Bob with a signing at Waterstones in Islington.  Sadly I couldn’t get to the  event but the lovely staff at the store kindly let me pay for a copy over the phone and sent it to Cardiff.  I was so very pleased at the dedication…

Look – Bob stamped his pawprint!

I read the book over 2 evenings (would have been one sitting if I didn’t have to do stuff and go out). It is touching, sad, uplifting and sometimes actual laughter was produced,  in particular when James describes  how as Bob got healthier he found more and more orange cat hair in his home – something I am more than familiar with! My heart stopped at certain perilous points even though I know that Bob is safe and sound and that the next page or so would reassure me of this fact! James’ story is amazing, and I truly admire his honesty and bravery. It’s a really lovely read, I urge everyone to go buy a copy – it’ll mean that James and Bob don’t have to go busking every day. We’re going to London (again, I know. Can’t get enough of the place) for my birthday weekend next month so I’m really hoping to meet them again.

There are more lovely pictures of Bob on the Flickr page and you can follow him on Twitter @StreetCatBob.

It's about an Orange One like me!

5 thoughts on “in which Bethy reads about a lovely Orange One

  1. I love this book and I especially love Bob! I, too, have seen James and Bob busking in the past, but I’ve never petted or snapped Bob and now really wish to 🙂

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