in which Bethy finds 29 things…

I’ve done my 29 before 30 list. Image

  1. Scrapbook the whole year
  2. Go a different colour
  3. Learn a new language
  4. Cook more from scratch
  5. Go abroad
  6. Drive to London
  7. Grow something edible
  8. Have a tea party
  9. Join the W.I.
  10. Get debt-free
  11. Learn the guitar
  12. Volunteer at the Dogs’ Home
  13. Make another blanket
  14. De-clutter PROPERLY!
  15. Get a decent phone
  16. Have a picnic
  17. Run at least twice a week
  18. Make a new friend or reconnect with an old one
  19. Read Game of Thrones
  20. Take an art class
  21. Make things and sell them
  22. Do spontaneous nice things for people
  23. Buy new Converse
  24. Fly kites
  25. Get over my fear of falling
  26. Go to Legoland
  27. See at least 5 films in the cinema
  28. Finish my collection of Now… records
  29. Learn to use my sewing machine properly.

I’ve already done one of them. #2 – I no longer have bright red hair. I now have ginger hair, and a fringe. I took a picture of Christina Hendricks in to the salon, spent 4 hours there with an hour and a half over the sink having a bleach bath (which turned my hair salmon pink!) and Lee made me a glorious ginge! I keep forgetting how light it is now and get a surprise every time I catch my reflection!Image

I am an orange one. Pickle is so proud.


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