in which Bethy looks at food and dogs.

I need to do something about this. There actually is no reason for me not to have written anything for 5 weeks again. Aside from having nothing to write about seeing as I’ve done sweet FA recently. I could write about procrastinating and general malaise, but what’s the point, maybe later.

We went to the Food Festival in the bay earlier.  We bought cheese (including one with chocolate in), coffee and various sausages. We did want sticky toffee pudding but alas could not find the one we desired. The sun stayed out while we were there which was nice. I would have enjoyed it more if there weren’t rampant children on micro-scooters and idiot people with pushchairs getting in the way all the time. Seriously – the tents had 4 stalls each in, so not a lot of room for manoeuvre when unemcumbered, let alone with wheeled child-beasts. And the little blighters more often than not were wearing Crocs. Ugh! So much wrongness in such confined spaces.

There was however a much lighter side to being at the bay today. That side is of course – dogs. There are ALWAYS loads of dogs down the bay, whether it’s an ideal place for them to be or not. I love dogs.  This guy had totally the right idea:The dog being carried was called Roxy.  She was quite content (and yes, I did ask the man if I could take a picture). We also met this lovely girl by the boat ride ticket booth.She’d evidently had enough of all the people too, but she was quite happy for me to scratch her head and even gave my hand a gentle lick. Ant loved her, because he wants a Golden Retriever.


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