In which Bethy gets a new toy

I have a gadget. It is a Sony Xperia S and it is lovely.

Ooh shiny! Of course Pickle is my wallpaper [as an aside, I absolutely hate it when people call their background picture a “screensaver”. It’s not a screensaver, it’s wallpaper. Argh!] and I’ve got We Are Young by .Fun as my ringtone because I fricking love that song! Anyway, I know nothing about phones.  I love technology but mobile phones have just never been of any massive interest really. Until now. This phone is awesome. Even the Boy is jealous of it, and he loves his iPhone (even though mine has the apps and the wifis and the bigger geebees – seriously, watch this vid, it’s hilarious). Also, I can almost be a hipster – at 29 I’m too old to be a hipster, and it’s not an iPhone – and can Instagram photos of my Starbucks like this:

Oh yeah, down with the kids.  I want a little Android figure now. The android is well cute, and I like robots.

By contrast, my PC is being an arse. Today, as it has been doing for some time now it decided to “lose” the wireless card again while I was downloading software (shiny new phone does not do CDs) so now I have the longest ethernet cable in the world running under the TV and sofa to my computer. Lose that stupid old PC. Ha. The upshot is that the internet has been fine all day… and I’ve been too busy with my shiny new toy to care much anyway! 🙂

Mr Phone Shop Man suggested this phone because it has a 12MP camera on it, and considering that my high-end point and shoot is 16MP I was reasonably impressed by this. I haven’t really had a chance to play properly yet but no doubt it’ll be invaluable, and a million times better than the camera on my Blackberry which, let’s face it, is a bag of crap.


In other exciting news, I made a cushion the other day!

It’s orange with birds on. What’s not to love? The fabric is from Ikea, £5.99 a metre. I bought 2 metres and will probably get 4 cushions out of it. Amazeballs. Envelope cushion covers are very easy to make, provided that your sewing machine plays nicely which mine didn’t and I ended up spending 40 minutes ripping out stitches because the bloody thing decided to knot about a foot of cotton into itself. Grr.


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