in which Bethy says goodbye to Ben

Ben 27/9/1999 – 17/07/2012

Today our family lost our lovely Ben. He was our first dog.  My mum was there when he was born and he would have been 13 in September. He loved my mum, to the point that he was a bit of a pansy when Mum wasn’t around! Ben was a handsome boy. He loved his little sister Meggy and even The Noo.  I think The Noo put him in his place when he was a puppy so they always got along.

Ben developed diabetes around 4 years ago and also cataracts which made him pretty much completely blind. Never the less Ben carried on, following his nose and always knowing if someone new had come into the house or if you were eating toast. When he eventually found you (he went deaf too due to nasty ear infections that wouldn’t clear up properly – his diabetes meant that he couldn’t take many medications) his tail would start wagging like there was no tomorrow and he still loved to go for a walk. Or a “walk in the car”.  We read that dogs only usually last around 2 years after being diagnosed with diabetes, yet Ben beat the odds and carried on.

Recently Ben hadn’t been well at all. He lost a lot of weight and was very down. I noticed that his tail didn’t wag when I visited about 2 weeks ago and had a feeling it wouldn’t be long. Mum said that last night he was howling. Ben never howled. He would whimper, usually because he couldn’t find Mum, but this was pain. He went to the vets this morning and they said his kidneys were failing. There was nothing else they could do but let him go. Mum said he licked her hand when they gave him the injection and he went to sleep within seconds. He had no strength left at all.

I’ve only had one big cry for Ben, whereas I cried for Noo for days. I think it’s because Ben has been breaking my heart every time I’ve seen him for months so I’m glad he’s not in pain now. He’s with the Noo and Polly-dog (his mama) over Rainbow Bridge. It sounds a lovely place.

Sleep well puppy. We miss you xx



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