in which Bethy is currently…

… listening mostly to the Manic Street Preachers, because they’re awesome.  Manic Street PreachersThere is something rather wonderful about driving through the centre of Cardiff with the windows down and Motorcycle Emptiness or A Design For Life blasting at volume 40. I love how my mum likes to say “you lot liked the Manics before everyone else did”. Gotta love my mum for that – hipster by proxy! Please, if you haven’t heard them go and have a listen on whatever listening device you prefer. My favourite albums are Generation Terrorists and Gold Against The Soul. Th greatest hits record (Forever Delayed) is available for lazy folk 😉


…eating toast. We’re not allowed a toaster in the office because the partner doesn’t want everything smelling of toast. He just had 3 weeks off so we ordered LOADS of toast from the cafe a few doors up the road. Power to the people, motherlickers.


…drinking tea. Of course. I drink tea all the time. However I’ve taken to drinking Rooibos tea when I go to the Wes Anderson nights (Wes Anderthon for those who haven’t been following on Twitter) at The Pot Cafe. It’s lovely.


…wearing black tights and I really shouldn’t be as it’s August now and it should be hot and sunny all the time. But it’s not. It keeps raining and it’s miserable and I have NO suitable shoes. Someone buy me shoes please. Nice shoes that aren’t just for sitting down. Ones I can actually walk in. For goodness’ sake I’m nearly 30 and should be able to wear proper ladies’ shoes without crying like a baby after half an hour because my feet hurt.


…feeling kinda down actually. I have absolutely no motivation to do anything (I’m forcing myself to do this post, and even then it’s because I’m putting off an application that I really should b e doing instead). Usually when I’m not quite right I’ll buy bad food, but I’ve been quite aware that I’ve eaten a lot of crap recently so instead I’ve been buying house plants. I like the plants, and I especially like that I’ve been able to keep them alive. However I now have a lot of seedlings and as I haven’t labelled them I’m unsure as to what they are. I think think they’re marigolds (calendula) and lavender but until something flowers I have no clue. I do have some good news though – I made tomatoes!Yup! Two of them! I think there are more to come, and it looks like they’re plum tomatoes! How exciting.


…weather is shit. That is the only word for it. Stupid British weather.


…wanting to pack up the cats and the boy in a camper van and drive far away, maybe to never come back. I actually don’t know what keeps me here, family I suppose.


...needing a holiday. I can’t wait the 3 weeks and 5 days until we go to Paris. I’m so excited! Our first proper trip away.


…thinking about cheese, dinosaurs, running away, Paris, Ben, how to get out of ALL of the ruts, not being so scared of driving on roads that are unfamiliar…. You name it, chances are that I’ve been thinking about it. Today I thought about the Mars thing and how they could get us to Mars, but they’d probably screw it up by putting a Tesco on it. Or a Starbucks, but I wouldn’t mind that so much because I could get a mug from Mars for my collection. Marsbucks.


…enjoying watching the big rain. Much as I am complaining (as everyone else is) about the stupid weather, the big rain really is quite impressive. Luckily in Cardiff it just comes and goes so there’s no nasty floods or anything.


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