in which Bethy loves the simple things

I’ve had a nasty cold since Friday afternoon. If I was a guy it would have been man-flu. Nasty icky gunky business. There has however been something that I found better than any medicines when it came to cheering me up. That thing was the new magazine from the lovely people who do Mollie Makes – it’s called The Simple Things and it’s about just that – embracing a simpler life. Also there’s a couple of articles about cheese, and we all know how much I love cheese. *ermahgerd*

One of the first pictures is a cat. Not just any cat, no. An ORANGE one. The best kind. Also the cheese. Mmmm cheese…

I’ve been thinking about the simple things that keep me going from day to day…

♥ pretending that big things are actually really tiny things

♥ Chips. Proper chips.

♥ roast vegetables. Bloody tasty and healthier than chips, though most of the time I’d choose chips.

♥ my stupid cats being freaked out by some brie (look at Monty’s face!)

♥ crocheting a blanket for Kath’s baby that we’ll meet in February (purple’s unisex, right? Do people still say unisex? It’s not pastel. I don’t do pastels.)

♥ pretending to be Japanese tourists ^o^

♥ the little heart clasp on my handbag. I have loved hearts since FOREVER. You can thank the Care Bears for that.

♥ going through stacks of old photos that we found in my Nan’s house.

♥ my tomatoes that I grew from seeds! They’re red now!

♥ wearing Christmas socks at times of the year when it’s certainly not Christmas.

♥ Pickle pretending to be on Team Zissou and posing for her close-up

♥ Lego superheroes on my otherwise girly handbag.

♥ a tiny C1 in our normal sized C1.

♥ ukulele boxes that of course have a Monty in them.

So most of my simple pleasures are derived from being in the company of cats… hell, it’s the one life goal I’ll probably achieve. Crazy cat lady.

I’ve read the magazine about 3 times now. I’m going to read it many more times before the next issue I’m sure. It’s simply lovely!


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