in which Bethy says hello to November

So here we are, the penultimate month of 2012. 64 days til Christmas. One day til the Red Cups (officially) arrive. 30 days of blogging. Here goes…

Today Cardiff decided to have a go at ALL the weather. It’s currently hailing. First thing this morning it was raining and cold… with blue skies. Of course. Pickle had completely the right idea and took herself back to bed. She didn’t even get up to try and steal the butter when I made toast! So cosy. At lunchtime it was beautiful, so I took myself off to the park. There were squirrels again… 🙂Look at the first one’s little hands! So cute!!!

The colours were so amazing today.

Can you see the bird in the last one? It’s a Jay. There were 3 of them flying around chasing the pigeons.

On the way back to work I bumped into Boyd Clack. He’s a local legend, and a jolly nice fellow. He loves the parks around Roath and Penylan too.


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