in which Bethy goes to town… on a Saturday…

Yes. Cardiff centre, on a Saturday. Am I mad? Probably.

It was surprisingly quiet in town today, which is just as well because I hate people who  get in my way in the places I need to be. I went along to the new Cardiff Fashion Quarter on Womanby Street.
It’s in what used to be the warehouse for Blacks camping store, and going waaaay back (we’re talking silent movies here… hmm, talking silent movies…) it used to be The Castle  cinema. Foolishly I took no pictures inside but it’s a brilliant space full of indie and vintage stalls (check out Nelly’s Treasures, run by the lovely Helen. She is quite brilliant) I could do some damage in there.

On a Saturday there is also the St Mary Street Market.This is a nice, relatively new “market”. There’s some nice food stalls with bread, olives and organic veggies, as well as some craft stalls, clothes and records. I can imagine that this will be a lovely place to shop in the run up to Christmas.

Talking of Christmas, I resisted the temptation to buy so many new decorations today. There are a lot of owls out there. Owls that want me to buy them. Naughty owls. I found a new shop in Royal Arcade (Royal Christmas Emporium) and they had the nicest displays of baubles, all ordered by colour. *happy*

This evening we went to Burger Night at Thé Pot Café. We each had an “Ingrid Burgerman” which was a beautiful medium-rare burger with bacon and blue cheese. A-ma-zing. So full now though.


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