in which Bethy wants to drive a DB5 across the Scottish Highlands

Taking advantage of a rare evening where neither of us had anything on we had date night (yay!). All good date nights start with milkshake. Not that milkshake, though this milkshake brings all the Bethys to the yard.


Damn right it’s better than yours! I love the butterscotch shakes from Ed’s Easy Diner. Sooooo good. I had 2 jugs of them. That’s a lot of milkshake. We then had a wander around John Lewis before going to the cinema. I fell in love with a sofa. It’s one of the new GPlan ones by Wayne Hemingway.


It’s £1,200. Which is obscene really. But I want it. I’ll just add it to the list of things I’ll never be able to afford and go cry over there.

Then we watched Skyfall. Oh my word. I have not shut up about just how beautiful Skyfall was since we left the cinema. I didn’t like Casino Royale and wasn’t fussed on Quantum of Solace but this blew me away. It’s so visually beautiful, it feels like a proper Bond film. It’s got a proper Bond opening title sequence. It’s got Javier Bardem, who is a proper villain. Not just your run-of-the-mill terrorist that films seem to like these days. You actually half expected him to say “no, Mr Bond, I expect you to die”. There’s a lot of half-naked Daniel Craig (if you like that sort of thing, I think he looks like a lizard) and an absolutely adorable new Q (way hotter than Daniel Craig). Oh, and no invisible car. Just a beautiful old DB5. The fact that the film itself was so stunning allowed me to see [hear] past Adele’s terrible annunciation on the title song and not hear it in the Vic Reeves club style. (I actually like the song. It’s a good Bond theme. She just can’t speak properly. “Skyfall” is not pronounced “skyfowww”)

Also, I managed to successfully avoid Bonfire Night which, other than Halloween, is my most hated night of the year. Stupid fireworks.


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