in which Bethy meets a giant cat and a psycho cat

I met the biggest cat I’ve ever seen this morning. This is Caliban.


More like a bear than a cat really. He’s 6 and a bit kilos of fluffy loveliness and has a tiny meow. Cal lives with my friend Patrick. I felt honoured that, even after taking him to the vet, Cal was happy to be my friend. Such a handsome lovely kitty.

By contrast we have Princess. Princess is 7kg of psycho. She’s staying with my neighbours for a few months because her owner has gone abroad and I’m feeding her for a week because they’ve gone away too. Princess hates me. Like, really hates me. I thought it might have been because she could smell the orange ones on me but no – she hisses at me through the window too. I went down to see her this morning and she was hissing amd spitting before I’d even gone in the room. Then I found her charging her lasers behind the sofa…


I’ve never given up on befriending a cat before, but this one is in line to be the first.

Back home there was some sort of love-in going on.



(cross-posted from The Cats I Meet)



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