in which Bethy investigates the Top 40… and doesn’t like it

(warning – contains ranting in an old-person style and pining for the 90s)


Hello Pop Pickers!

The “hit parade” is 60 years old today. Happy Birthday hit parade. On Sunday afternoons in the 80s and 90s between 4-7pm teenagers all over the UK would be sat by their stereos ready to record their favourite tracks from the Top 40 chart. We had this amazing ability to pause the tape at just the right moment to not have any of the DJ’s jabbering or the beginning of the next track. Mad skills.

I think that the charts made music more exciting. These days the only time anyone seems to care about who has the Number 1 single is at Christmas when the X Factor song is released. What a bag of arse. The last time that was fun was  when Girls Aloud released Sound of the Underground (a fantastic pop tune, I might add) and by getting to the top spot they actually won the competition. Now it’s more fun to see if the anti-X Factor song will beat the official one. (FYI this year I think everyone should buy Only You by The Flying Pickets in memory of Brian Hibbard who sadly died this year, and because it’s a brilliant song and we love it).

I’ve sat and listened to all the songs in the Top 40 as they are right now. Sadly, I have one word to describe the chart today. That word is “yawn”. Is it all supposed to sound the same? All the dance music sounds the same, the boybands sound the same, the pop music sounds the same. Adele is Adele (Skyfawwwwww…) and Lana Del Ray is boring. Auto tune seems to feature quite prolifically. This has actually made me feel sad. Where are Muse? Or Green Day? They have new albums out. The chart has pretty much every track from Calvin Harris and One Direction’s latest albums along with random things like Don’t Speak by No Doubt, a classic and brilliant track though I fear it only features because they were on the bloody ITV show on Saturday night.

Hometaping image by James Anderson, not me. Click to see his cool stuff!
Hometaping image by James Anderson, not me. Click to see his cool stuff!

On the Official Charts website you can see all the charts going back to 1960. Cool.  Check out the chart from the day I was born, heck yes Bowie at Number 1! I’ve gone back to this week in 1996 and while I don’t remember some of the songs, and bloody well despise others, I can honestly say that I don’t think any of them sound the same like they do today. There’s some fantastic tracks on there mind. I’ve made a little playlist of the ones I like or can actually remember. The playlist doesn’t have Simply Red, because I can’t fricking stand Simply Red. Ugh!


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