in which Bethy goes through the wool

It went really cold again today. Monty put his jumper on (yes, he put his jumper on)

imageWe (the cats and I) had a proper tidy up today. We even tidied up all the dust. I know, unheard of right? My right eye was unimpressed at the movement of the dust. I hate my right eye. It’s more blind than my left eye and it’s allergic to everything!

We even tidied the wool. Yes, we actually examined The Stash. I found many many abandoned projects…imageA bit of everything there – knitting, crochet, tunisian. I reaslly should learn to finish what I start.

It was WI craft group this evening.  I took my everlasting baby blanket along and helped make some little Christmas trees for the craft fair in Cowbridge on Saturday. I love the WI. It’s not “all grannies” – a few of us aren’t 30 yet – and we love David Bowie. Excellent.



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