in which Bethy gets all passive-aggressive and meh

I’m quite tired of people. Everyone seems to be moaning and miserable (not to be confused with those who have genuine pain and/or sadness) to the point that I find myself shouting inside “SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!!”. It’s tiring.

I felt the need for real people so I spoke to my very best friends this evening. All of them

Kath, Al, Chris, Owen, Me and Lou

I’ve known Owen, Kath and Lou since the dawn of time (also known as 1985 and 1987). It would be a 384 mile round trip if I was to visit them all in one go (challenge accepted) and I hate the fact that we’re so far apart. But that’s all part of growing up – Ween’s got a whole parish to look after, Kath’s about to embark on her biggest adventure yet (motherhood) and Lou’s living it up London style with a big girl job and mortgage and stuff. I suppose we are all 30 on our next birthdays so these things are inevitable. I can only assume I’m somehow feeling unfulfilled and with no idea how to fix it again, but I’m not bitching and moaning on the internet about it.


Shut up shut up shut up SHUT UP!


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