Music Monday

In an attempt to share more glimpses of my everyday mind I thought I might try some regular bloggy things. “Music Monday” seems like  a doozy.

We got the Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness reissue boxset for Christmas.IMG_20121226_125319 It’s beautiful. Since then I have had this song in my head. It shows no sign of going away, and I’m totally fine with that:

This album reminds me of high school, of Owen playing Lily (My One and Only) on the piano in the music room, and mostly of the Christmas (1996 or 97, I forget) when Vicki asked her mum for 3 albums. They were Mellon Collie, Vitalogy by Pearl Jam…. and the eponymous album by the Backstreet Boys. That’s how we rolled, we were 13 after all, and she had a thing for boys with floppy blonde hair.


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