I made brownies. IMG_20130112_214202They’re Lorraine Pascale’s Cookies and Cream Fudge Brownies from this recipe. They are gooooood. Mine look really pale because I used milk chocolate, but inside they’re proper brownie colour. Mmmm. Oreos and chocolate cake, what’s not to like??!

I forgot to post last week’s bake which was Simon Rimmer’s Blondies. Something wasn’t quite right about them, they seemed greasy to me, but Simon himself assured me that it was normal!

Cool, eh? Nicki got complemented by Nigel Slater on her bread that day too so the TV chefs were obviously in a helpful mood.

Stupidly though I didn’t photograph the blondies, and then Pickle ate the lot (with disasterous and vile consequences) so I made some more today. They worked better today, think I whisked the eggs for longer (they were VERY fluffy) and left them in a few minutes longer than before. The chocolate all sunk tot the bottom of the tin though so there’s a bit of a bite to each one which is quite nice actually. IMG_20130113_141737

They are a lot cakier (is that a word?) than the Oreo ones which were fudgey like brownies should be. Might try replacing the chocolate and cocoa with white chocolate and see if they come out more like brownies, only not brown. Obviously.


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