Obsessing over: bunting.  I’m planning some for my WI group. We have a logo (almost) but no banners or anything fun for our meetings. I will get Ellie (my sewing machine) fired up this week I think. It’s nice to be feeling creative again. We’re also planning a calendar. Not a nude one, that’s so overdone! Exciting times.

Working on: ALL the crochet! Due to all the snow this weekend I’ve done pretty much nothing but make blankets and cushions and generally finish unfinished projects (which is good, because I’m not allowed to start new things like the bunting until I’ve finished the ones in the box!)IMG_20130118_134159IMG_20130119_194837IMG_20130120_131742The top and bottom ones are much bigger than these, though I’ve run out of Noro-type wool for the top one. Oh no, I’ll have to go and buy wool. Like I need an excuse. Besides, I’m de-stashing with all these blankets.

Anticipating:  the snow leaving so I can wear my new shoes again. Suede is no friend of snow, and I do love these shoes. 403296_MOLEI got them in the sale at White Stuff. I saw them before Christmas and didn’t buy them (I was on a gift mission, no time for shoes for me!) and then thought about them all over Christmas time until I finally bought them last week. Score! I clomp about less in shoes with a heel, and these are oh-so-comfy. Also I can drive in them, double score.

Listening to: lo-fi, or “jangly indie crap” as Ant called it (he may not have been so polite). I’m quite enjoying the happy California vibe of it, even though most of the bands are from Brooklyn or somewhere less sunny than the West Coast. It’s nice. My inner hipster would be so proud. Pretty sure you can’t be a hipster when you’re a few months off being 30 mind. Hipsters can’t be in their 30s. Ha ha ha ha…. *laughs for a while* I’ve been listening to the Best Coast channel on and while some of it is too twee and erring on the side of Mumford & Sons (unacceptable) the majority is good stuff. Some is quite grungey – you can tell who grew up listening to Pearl Jam – and there’s some nice electro-synthy-shoegazey stuff too. All good.

Wishing: I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow. I can’t use snow as an excuse again, at least not ’til it comes back on Tuesday and everything breaks again. Britain is so good at being broken when it snows.


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