TFI Friday

*sings the theme to Man In A Suitcase*

TFI Friday indeed. It has been a terrible week (workwise) though I did get to have an Ikea adventure with my bestie on Tuesday and totally bought ALL the candles.

It’s a shame there’s nothing like TFI on TV anymore. 6pm, Channel 4. It was awesome. They had the best bands and guests, and a cardboard cutout of Jarvis Cocker until Jarvis threw it out of the window.

At this point you will note that, once again, I am lamenting that it’s not the 1990s anymore. I believe this is because I am an adult and, worse, finally becoming a proper grown-up. I was 17 when the last TFI was broadcast. 17 years old with no clue as to what the future would bring but I figured that, somehow, I’d end up doing Will Macdonald’s job and entertaining the masses simply by having a wooden bird with purple hair attached to the aerial of a car. Sadly this was not to be, and whatever became of Wiiiiiillll *points* anyway? He was well cute. I’ve just done a TV guide search for Friday at 6pm. It’s not good. Maybe if I had managed to get into TV production things would have been different. Maybe.

♫ He’s a wooden bird, with purple hair, 
Stuck to the pole so he can’t go nowhere,
He’s a wooden bird, with lots of style
And when he bangs his beak it makes you want to smile. ♫

As it goes I did have a wooden bird with purple hair. I bought it in a gift shop in Caerphilly for £2.99. No, I have no idea what I was doing shopping in Caerphilly, I can only assume that my mother thought it a good idea at the time. While on the subject of Caerphilly, does anyone else get disappointed when, on driving into the town with the castle on your left you continue down the hill and there’s no seaside ahead? Is it just me or does the town feel like it should be next to a beach? I don’t even know what happened to the wooden bird. I believe The Noo ate it’s purple hair and it became so ashamed of it’s baldness that it threw itself out of the window to die a lonely death on top of the porch [probably].

We didn’t have Ikea in the 1990s. The Bristol one opened in 1999 but I don’t think I went til 2000. So there – something awesome not from the 90s just to mess with my mind.


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