As The Boy is out on Valentine’s night (I know, right?!) we decided to combine Pancake Day and Valentine’s into a sort of Pancake-Valentines-Date Night. Luckily enough the lovely folk at La Crêperie de Sophie were having a Crêpes and Cider Night as well as a Valentine’s evening thingy. How convenient!

On with the food – 3 courses of pancakes. NOM! I didn’t get a photo of the first plate – a savoury taster platter – because we ate them far too quickly. That’s always a risk when lovely food is put before you, you might eat it. I had a savoury crêpe called Sweet Billy for my main. It was filled with goats cheese, walnuts and onion chutney. I’ve never had a savoury crêpe before. I will be eating more savoury crêpes as it was AMAZING. Ant had The Paysan which was filled with garlic mushrooms, cheese and red onion. That was also lovely.wpid-DSC_1635.jpg

Dessert was, funnily enough, also crêpes! I had a chocolate one (it should have been Chocolat-Banane but I hate bananas so it was just chocolate and crumbled biscuits) and Ant had The Sophie’s which was milk and white Belgian chocolate, fresh strawberries, cream and roasted almonds.

wpid-DSC_1636.jpgwpid-DSC_1637.jpgLoic, the owner, gave a little talk on the history of crêpes and of the company and then we had a quiz. Which we won.wpid-DSC_1639.jpgI also made a proper crepe on the big griddle. It was a good one too, even if I was a bit stuffed to eat it all (Pickle shared when we got home)! We had a great night, really recommend it to anyone who loves pancakes and/or cider.


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